Thursday, April 17, 2014


                Raindrops Everywhere

Raindrops Raindrops everywhere
I can see my reflection in the air
sun please come I’m waiting you see
raindrops raindrops let me be

Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Game

                                                                         Freeze Tag
                                                                 By Jack and Rebecca
 Number of Players : Three or more players
Equipment : None Object of the Game : The person who is it  try to get everyone frozen Persons who are not it run from the tagger and if one of your teammates are frozen, try to unfreeze them without getting tagged by the tagger.
Get Ready : Go find a empty area where you have a enough room to run around. Then pick a person to be it out of the group of people. If you have a big group you can choose two people to be it.
 Play : Who ever is it will have to chase everyone and try to tag everyone. The other players on there team can unfreeze them, but if everyone gets frozen then he or she wins. Then next game the last person who got tagged is it next round.